The X Factor reaches the Judges’ Houses – and Louis Walsh is first to choose his three final acts

So, the groups were the first category to be judged at Judges’ Houses and they travelled to Bermuda to face Louis Walsh and his guest Tulisa – singer, songwriter and the judge who mentored Little Mix in 2011, the first group to ever win X Factor.

“I love all six acts in different ways,” Louis told Tulisa But he could only take three acts through to the live shows and they are: Blonde Electra, Only The Young and the new boy band, put together by the judges from solo singers that had been rejected at earlier auditions.

“And now for something completely different,” Louis said to Tulisa, as Blonde Electra appeared in front of them.

“I love them!” Tulisa said, after they sang “Gold Digger” by Kanye West. “But are they quirky to the point that they’re going to get on people’s nerves?” she asked Louis.

“Yeah, they are annoying,” Louis admitted. But he put them through anyway.

Only The Young had the opposite problem… “You might be too nice,” Louis told them, after they had performed Ella Henderson’s “Ghost”.

“They need an edge,” Tulisa said… And now they have a week to find one.

The newly-created boy band were Louis’ final choice for the live shows. Still without a name, Reece, Tom, James, Jake, Casey, Charlie, Barclay and Chris lined up to sing Justin Timberland’s “Mirror”.

“Performance-wise, I’d want to watch them every week,” Louis said to Tulisa. “But it’s unheard of… eight people, eight egos. They’re going to have to learn to get along.”

A tearful Louis rejected Concept, The Brooks twins and the newly-formed girl band. “I can’t put everybody through,” Louis sobbed.

The X Factor continues on ITV, Saturday, October 4, 8.00pm, when Mel B’s three finalists from the boys’ category will be revealed.


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