The X Factor: Round three!

The third edition of the latest series of The X Factor has been screened, with yet more of the best and worst auditions from around the UK.

This week featured highlights from the Glasgow auditions – with plenty of eccentric characters parading their talents before the judges.

Among the more offbeat were supermarket worker Julie, whose dream of becoming a star was quickly crushed when Simon Cowell compared her audition to “something out of the Stepford Wives”.

Hopeful teenager Vivien fared no better, despite begging the judges to give her a chance, while Tatosho, who had travelled all the way from Japan to audition, sang so quietly that the four could barely hear her.

But it wasn’t all bad news. Shop assistant Leon Jackson sailed through to boot camp, as did primary school teacher Beverley Trotman – and groups Fallen Angels and Blush were among those to make it through to the next round.

However another act, the husbands-and-wives group It’s About Time, failed to make an impact, with Cowell suggesting they could make more money from “carol singing”.

The quartet did not take his comments well. “I always thought you were such a wonderful man,” said one member tearfully. “But you’re not. We’re good. All we need is some direction.”

Click on the links below to see audition highlights from the show, including supermarket worker Julie.

VIDEO: Watch Julie’s audition.

VIDEO: Watch Colin’s audition.

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