The X Factor: Week four!

The X Factor 5 has reached its fourth week of auditions – with some of the best and worst from Glasgow, home of last year’s winner Leon Jackson.

However, things got off to a rocky start north of the border, with housewife Suzanne Gay – who compared herself to Whitney Houston, singing a different song from the one she told the judges she would perform.

She then made the same mistake twice before finally singing the right song – but that did little to impress the judges. “I think even if you’d started right it would still have been wrong,” Simon Cowell told her.

64-year-old miner Stirling Sonata failed to lift the tone, being described as “unbelievably bad” by the judges, and girl duo 3’s A Crowd left Dannii baffled. “That was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen,” she told the pair.

Meanwhile checkout operator Jamie Roberts rendered the panel almost speechless with his energetic dance routine – and he was swiftly followed by 81-year-old Peter Lee, who was forced to confess he thought he was auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent instead.

However things picked up with 20-year-old Rikki Loney, student Andrew Merry primary school teacher Carol Barcley, and girl group High Voltage, all of whom made it through to boot camp.

Back in London, the judges were similarly impressed by 17-year-old Joelle Moses, who taught herself to sing using a CD as her parents were unable to afford singing lessons.

Her rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing took the judges by surprise – but they loved it. “I wasn’t expecting that,” Simon said, while Cheryl described her vocals as “amazing”.

However the judges weren’t quite so impressed by super-confident auditionee Ashwin, who thought his audition went “brilliantly”. However it appeared that he was the only one.

“There’s a difference between being confident and deluded, and unfortunately you fall into the latter,” Simon said.

“You haven’t heard the last of me,” Ashwin retorted as he stormed from the audition room.

However it was better news for the final auditionee of the show, pool cleaner Danny Evans.

The 38-year-old told the judges he had intended to apply for the show for years but only got around to doing it after his wife died last year, shortly after giving birth to their daughter.

And his audition – a rendition of the ballad Sometimes When We Touch – moved both Cheryl and Dannii to tears.

“I can see why your wife wanted you to audition,” said Cheryl as he was voted through to boot camp. “I think she would be very proud.”

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