More auditions from across the UK have been screened in the third week of The X Factor5, with London and Manchester among those cities in the spotlight.

Things got off to a great start in the capital, as 80-year-old Cyril Grant wowed the judging panel with his rendition of Hey Good Looking.

Cheryl told Cyril he was “fantastic” while Louis described him as a “born showman” – before all four judges unanimously voted him through.

A string of other auditionees including quintet Just Those Girls, shelf stacker Timothy Johnston and teenager Rachel Adedeji, followed Cyril through to boot camp – although it all came crashing down with the arrival of Celine Dion fan Guylene, who stuttered her way through My Heart Will Go On.

“You were singing notes which have never been invented,” Simon told her before the waitress was sent packing by the panel.

Things got back on track in Manchester with Damien Rice-loving teenager Diana Vickers, who sailed through to the next round. “I love the fact you weren’t like anybody else,” Simon told her.

Others who made a splash included Pontins rep Scott Bruton, twin duo Francine and Nicola, and holistic vocal coach Ariel Burdett – who was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The 26-year-old screeched her way through an original composition before the judges decided enough was enough. “You’re actually quite scary,” Cheryl said.

The auditions will reach Scotland on next week’s show