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I think it’s common knowledge, isn’t it, that Queen Victoria and her hubby Albert were very much in love.

The Young Victoria,Emily Blunt

Here in London that 19th-century love affair is still very much in the public eye, in the guise of the Albert Memorial, the Albert Hall and the Victoria and Albert Museum in particular.

So, this movie about the famous monarch tells the story of that royal romance during Victoria’s younger years before poor Albert died in 1861 from typhoid fever, leaving the queen a grieving widow for 40 years up until her death.

It bagged an Oscar for Costume and was nominated for Best Art Direction and Make-up, and there’s no doubt that the beautiful costumes and sets make this film a feast for the eyes. However,  personally I find this film‘s story a little dull. V and A fall in love and get married and have kids and that’s lovely, but really where’s the drama in that?

The Young Victoria, Emily Blunt

I don’t know, maybe I was having a bad day when I watched it. Some people think it’s a great film and there’s no denying that Emily Blunt suits the role of Victoria perfectly. Rupert Friend as Albert is less interesting.

Anyway, this film premieres on Sky Movies Premiere from today 12th March so check it out for yourself. There’s also a documentary about Victoria and Albert showing on BBC1 on Sunday evening.

And that’s not all. From 19th March, you can get even closer to Victoria and Albert and their love story because Buckingham Palace is opening a new exhibition entitled Victoria and Albert Art & Love. Check out the details here.

The Young Victoria is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today at 8pm and at various times throughout the week.

Victoria: A Royal Love Story is showing on BBC1 on Sunday 14th March at 7pm