Hit TV series Sex And The City may be turning into a movie, but it doesn’t look like Friends will go down the same route, according to star Lisa Kudrow.

“I don’t think so, no,” she said, speaking at the announcement of the nominations of the Independent Spirit Awards. “I’m pretty sure.”

And the former Friends actress – who played Phoebe Buffay – admitted she’s also unlikely to return to a television career.

“I don’t think you’re going to see me on TV any time soon – no, I’m pretty sure you won’t,” she said.

It was hardly a ringing rejection of the movie concept, but Kudrow instead said she’ll be concentrating on her movie career, starring in film PS I Love You, which is out in the US next month.

“It’s not an independent film, but it’s still really good,” she said. “A really great cast including Kathy Bates, Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler. It’s a romantic, nice, very touching movie.”

PS I Love You is based on the novel by Cecilia Ahern, and follows the story of a young widow who receives encouraging letters from her husband following his death.