Dolly-Rose Campbell – things you didn’t know about the Coronation Street actress

Salford born Dolly Rose-Campbell is nothing like her Coronation Street character, Gemma Winter...

Dolly-Rose Campbell is better known to soap fans as loud-mouthed Gemma Winter, who’s become a firm Coronation Street favourite since first bursting onto our screens in 2014.

But while Gemma’s renowned for her brilliant brashness and dodgy dress-sense, Dolly-Rose is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Most fans of Dolly-Rose Campbell will know that:

  • She was born in 1987
  • Her birthday is in April, making her 33 years old
  • Gemma Winter became a permanent character in March 2016

But there’s more to Dolly-Rose Campbell than that. Here are several things you probably don’t know abut the Coronation Street star…

Dolly-Rose Campbell: little known facts about the Coronation Street legend

1. Dolly-Rose Campbell was a massive Coronation Street fan before joining the show

Dolly Rose Campbell

Dolly-Rose has always been a Coronation Street fan (Picture: Getty)

Just days before Dolly-Rose got the call to say she’d got the part of Gemma she was actually on a public tour of the famous Coronation Street set! The actress told iN10: “I have always been a massive fan of Coronation Street. I’d had an audition before the tour and I wasn’t expecting anything, but then just a couple of days later I got the call saying I had got the part.”

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2. She’s nothing like her on-screen alter ego

While we’ve grown to know and love Gemma Winter over the years, Dolly-Rose has admitted that she’s nothing like her character. She told The Sunday Post: “We have a very different dress sense and I like to spend time chilling out with my dog!”

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3. Dolly Rose Campbell was originally only meant to be on Coronation Street for six episodes

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter agrees to get help

Dolly Rose was only meant to be on Coronation Street for a short time (Picture: ITV)

Thankfully for Coronation Street fans, Dolly-Rose made such a good impression with soap bosses that she’s still on the show more than five years later. After originally arriving on the cobbles as Kylie Platt’s best friend, the actress is now enjoying her own storylines as a main cast member. Dolly-Rose’s alter ego often finds herself at the centre of the drama in Weatherfield, and has welcomed quads into the world with boyfriend Chesney Brown.

4. She’s got a secret hobby that you wouldn’t expect!

While you might see Gemma propping up the bar at The Rovers nursing a vodka, Dolly-Rose has a more productive pastime – knitting! She has revealed that when she’s not filming or learning her lines for Corrie, she likes to spend her time getting crafty!

5. She’s not always been an actress

Gemma an d Chesney in Coronation Street

Gemma is always at the centre of drama on Coronation Street (Picture: ITV)

Gemma is no stranger to working behind a bar after landing herself a job at The Rovers Return before she had her babies, and Dolly has revealed to TV Times that she already knows her way around a beer pump: “I’ve worked behind a bar in real life, it was before Coronation Street when I worked in radio. I did hospitality and bar work.”

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6. She’s a big art fan

While she’s not acting (or knitting!), Dolly-Rose is also a self-proclaimed art lover and is even a custodian at the Islington Mill, an independent arts hub in Salford, Manchester. She can often be found tweeting about art and even shares pictures at art events with former Coronation Street co-star and fellow art lover Connor McIntyre, better known as cobbles killer Pat Phelan.

7. Being on Coronation Street has helped her buy her dream home

Even through Gemma’s quickly becoming one of Weatherfield’s most popular characters, Dolly-Rose has revealed that she will never take being on Coronation Street for granted. In fact being on the soap has enabled her to buy her own house, something she has admitted she never thought she would be able to do.

Dolly-Rose Campbell’s Fact File 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Coronation Street star….

How old is she?

Dolly-Rose Campbell’s age is 33. Her date of birth is April 1987.

Does she have kids?

Despite her alter ego Gemma having four babies, Dolly-Rose doesn’t have any children of her own.

Where was she born? 

Dolly-Rose was born in Salford, Manchester.

How tall is she?

Dolly-Rose Campbell is 5 foot.

You can follow Dolly-Rose here… 

Instagram: @dolly_rose_campbell

Twitter: @dolly_campbell


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