7 things you didn’t know about Lucy Pargeter – AKA Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle

From being a pop star to hiding a secret love for making lists, here are a few things that might surprise you about Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter...

Lucy Pargeter has been delighting fans with her role of Chas Dingle since 2002, cementing her part in Emmerdale history after taking on some of the soaps biggest storylines. Most recently fans have watched Chas struggle to cope with the devastating loss of her newborn daughter, Grace, an episode that saw Lucy heaped with well-earned praise.

But what do we know about the actress who has been on our screens every evening for more than 15 years? Here are a few things you might not have known about lovely Lucy…

1. She has three daughters

Lucy Pargeter had her first baby, now 13-year-old daughter Lola, when she was 28, but she has recently gone back to having little ones in the house again after giving birth to twins Missy and Betsy in 2017. The actress struggled to conceive the second time around and turned to IVF – and with a house full of girls her fiancee Rudi is now totally outnumbered!

2. She’s a self-confessed embarrassing mum 

Lucy has revealed that, like most teenagers, her daughter Lola finds her embarrassing. She told The Mirror: “The other day in the park I started dancing and singing at the top of my voice. Lola got get embarrassed and said, ‘Mummy, people are already looking at you, and now you’re just drawing more attention to yourself.’ I’ve got not filter!”

3. She’s got a secret talent 

Lucy has revealed in the past that not many people know, but she is very good at horse riding. She told the Express: “My family bred horses and show ponies, so I began riding at a very early age. Although I don’t have a horse now, Lola and I used to go once a week.”

4. She doesn’t watch soaps

You’d think that Lucy would be keeping an eye on other soaps, checking out the competition… but the actress has confessed that she simply doesn’t have the time. She told us: “I don’t even watch Emmerdale, to be quite honest with you. I record it, but I don’t watch it. We work until eight, so when you get home it is half past eight. I don’t watch any soaps, how awful is that?!”

5. Lucy Pargeter used to be a pop star

Before she found fame in Emmerdale, Lucy was part of a girl band called Paperdolls, who toured with the likes of Boyzone! Their debut single ‘Gonna Make You Blush’ was released in 1998 but thankfully for soap fans their success ended there. Lucy once told Woman magazine: “It was a laugh. We went from thinking we were just a few girls getting together and doing a few songs, to getting signed by a record label and touring. It was a great time.”

6. She is VERY organised

Lucy has confessed that her most annoying habit is that she likes to make lists and tries to be in control of everything in life. She told The Mirror: “Before work, I set out the bath stuff for the twins, get their lunch ready, and get Lola’s school bag ready. I like to feel that if I’m not there then at least I can support what’s going on at home.”

7. She has one big regret

Lucy has confessed that the biggest thing she regrets is the fact she spent her childhood wanting to grow up, rather than relishing being a young girl. The Emmerdale star admitted to the Express: “I was just always fighting to be adult and a grown up, when I should have taken full advantage of being young without any responsibilities!”

Picture credits: Main image: ITV