THIS Coronation Street favourite finds themselves in trouble when a face from the past returns

There's trouble looming for Carla as Wayne Hayes returns to Coronation Street - but how is he connected to the factory roof collapse?

There’s a face from the last coming back to Coronation Street next week when Wayne Hayes, the boy that Hayley and Roy Cropper fostered back in 2001, makes his return after 18 years.

These days Wayne is obviously grown up, and it soon transpires that he is connected to the Underworld factory roof collapse which happens on screen tonight (Monday 18 March).

It soon becomes clear that Wayne is now working as a health and safety inspector and has been sent to the cobbles to work out why the factory roof caved in.

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The factory roof collapse leaves Carla in serious trouble

The official website for Coronation Street has confirmed that while Wayne might be able to put Roy’s mind at rest as he worries that the boat fire might have a connection to the factory roof collapse, the same can’t be said for Carla…

“Roy is relieved when the health and safety inspector, Wayne, confirms that the boat fire wasn’t the cause of the roof collapse,” reveals the website.

Coronation Street fans will remember that earlier in the year Roy’s sleepwalking caused a paraffin lamp to be knocked over and set fire to Peter Barlow’s boat.

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Simon almost died in the boat fire caused by Roy

Peter was forced to run into the flames to save his trapped son, Simon, something that Roy has felt awful about ever since.

But while Roy’s mind is now put at rest, Carla is looking more guilty by the day and she soon finds herself on the wrong side of Wayne…

“Later, as Michelle assures everyone of Carla’s innocence, Wayne continues his investigation into the collapse. But, will his investigations put Carla in the frame for sabotaging the factory as an insurance job?”

Coronation Street factory collapse suspects

Coronation Street factory collapse suspects – who is guilty?

It sounds like Carla could be facing some tricky questions from Wayne as he tries to work out who caused the factory roof tragedy that is set to take someone’s life this week, but she isn’t the only one in the frame.

Coronation Street has also lined up Robert Preston, Peter Barlow, Gary Windass and Seb Franklin as other potential suspects.

But who is the one with blood on their hands?

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