This Coronation Street legend goes MISSING tonight – but who could be in danger?

There's drama in Coronation Street tonight as one of Weatherfield's most beloved characters goes missing. But who has done a vanishing act?

Coronation Street fans will be left fearing the worst tonight when Carla Connor struggles to track down Roy Cropper, only to then discover his bed hasn’t been slept in…

With the anniversary of Hayley’s death hitting Roy hard this week,¬†Carla immediately thinks something awful has happened to her best friend when he mysteriously goes missing.

Knowing that it is five years since Roy lost his soulmate, Carla starts to panic when she speaks to Roy’s mum, Sylvia, who is also in the dark about where he could be.

When Shona also struggles to track Roy down, Carla makes the decision to report him missing to the police.

Thankfully for everyone involved, Roy returns home just as Carla is giving a description of him over the phone… revealing that he spent the night train spotting in an attempt to forget about Hayley’s anniversary.

But while Roy apologises for causing any inconvenience, that’s sadly not the end of the drama for him this week.

On Wednesday night’s trip to Weatherfield, Carla and Roy are seen going out for a lunch to reminisce about all the things they loved about Hayley, trying to put a positive spin on the anniversary of her death.

Roy and Carla reminisce about Hayley

Shona has some bad news for Roy this week

But as the pair talk, Shona makes a dramatic entrance to the Bistro, telling Roy that Sylvia has been taken seriously ill.

Roy calls the hospital for further information and is left shocked when the doctors tell him she has suffered a heart attack.

But despite racing off to Hastings to see his mum, Roy returns to the cobbles devastated that he was too late and tells Carla that Sylvia had died by the time he got there.

With both his mum and wife passing away on the same day of the year, poor Roy is set to struggle when it comes to coping with his double blow.

Carla and Roy in Coronation Street

Carla is set to cover for Roy when he sets Peter’s boat ablaze

Corrie fans will know that the death of his mother will spark a shocking chain of events for Roy… resulting in him accidentally setting fire to Peter Barlow’s boat while Simon is trapped inside.

It was recently revealed that Roy would unwittingly knock over a paraffin lamp while he is sleepwalking, setting the boat ablaze.

He will be totally in the dark about the crime he has committed, until Carla sees everything on the factory CCTV and tries to cover up what he has done.

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