This Is England star Stephen Graham’s watching us in chilling new C4 thriller!

This Is England ’90 star Stephen Graham isn’t resting on his laurels ahead of Sunday’s BAFTA ceremony. The star of Coronation Street, Pirates of the Caribbean and Boardwalk Empire has just been cast in a chilling new Channel 4 project about a CCTV operator who decides to take the law into his own hands on one fateful nightshift!

The fictional TV drama – with a working title of The Watchman – is being directed by acclaimed documentary director David Nath (Bedlam, The Murder Detectives).

In a release today, C4 reveal Stephen, 42, has been selected for the star role in the tense thriller. He plays Carl, a father of two, and CCTV operator who views the world through a collection of screens. Working alone night after night, Carl gradually becomes intoxicated with his power as an ‘all seeing eye’. So when the police fail to take action on a gang of local drug dealers, Carl decides to do something… And a terrifying chain of events is set in motion!

Talking about this latest filming project Stephen said: “This is a fascinating project with a compelling narrative. I’m looking forward to seeing how Dave will bring his documentary storytelling techniques to this dark drama.”

While writer and director Dave added: “It’s a film about a good man who makes one terrible mistake. But it also asks whether CCTV can distort our view of the world and our place within it.”

Tune into the BAFTA TV Awards on BBC1 at 80 on Sunday to see if Stephen manages to pick up a gong for This is England ’90 in the Leading Actor category

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