Sharon Osbourne says she won’t do any more series of The X Factor after this year.

The judge is back on the ITV show with Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow.

She blamed Dannii Minogue for her previous decision to leave, branding the former X Factor judge ‘insignificant’.

Sharon told “I chose to leave because I was uncomfortable there at that time with a woman that was on the panel.

“She’s insignificant, but at that time, I let her get under my skin and I should have been the bigger person. But hey, I chose to leave. That’s all in the past.

“I wanted to end it on the right note. I’m only doing it this one season, it’s been 10 years, and I want to end it on the right way.”

Despite husband Ozzy’s relapse, she said she would never leave the rocker, who has suffered from addictions to drink and drugs.

“It was not a case of divorce. I would never divorce my husband. Ever. I love him too much… You just don’t walk away from people because they have a problem,” she said,

And she told the website that she wanted to make a film about the Black Sabbath star.

“I am working on a movie for Ozzy. That will be my final thing. I want to get Ozzy’s life story turned into a movie,” she said.