Thought for the Day from Tarzan the Ape Man

100 years ago this month, Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ classic work Tarzan of the Apes
Abbott & Costello style exchanges like this one:

Jane Parker: Thank you for protecting me.
Tarzan: Me?
Jane Parker: I said, thank you for protecting me.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me?
Jane Parker: No. I’m only “Me” for me.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Me.
Jane Parker: No. To you, I’m “You”.
Tarzan: [points at himself] You.
Jane Parker: No…
[Thinks for a second]
Jane Parker: I’m Jane Parker. Understand? Jane, Jane.
Tarzan: [points at Jane] Jane, Jane.
Jane Parker: Yes, Jane. And you?
[Tarzan stares]
Jane Parker: [points at herself] Jane.
Tarzan: Jane.
Jane Parker: [points at Tarzan] And you?
Tarzan: Tarzan. Tarzan.
Jane Parker: Tarzan…

Phew! We got there in the end.

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