Three endings for A Touch Of Frost finale

Sir David Jason will film three different endings for the finale of A Touch Of Frost.

The actor’s character, Detective Inspector Jack Frost, will tackle his final case in a two-part special, and viewers will be kept on tenterhooks to see how he’ll depart the crime series.

Sir David – who will help to decide which ending is screened – said: “I thoroughly enjoy playing Jack Frost, he’s been a huge part of my acting life after more than 40 episodes, and I’ll give him a dramatic and fitting send off, whichever ending we decide to screen.”

The film, entitled If Dogs Run Free, follows Frost’s battle to convict Gerry Berland (Adrian Dunbar), a dangerous criminal masquerading as a successful businessman.

He’s been evading prison for years and Frost is determined to send him down.

The episodes will also see Frost investigating a series of murders which appear to mirror the crimes that he failed to solve over 16 years ago.

Producer David Reynolds, controller of comedy drama and drama features for ITV Yorkshire said: “It’s been tremendous working with Sir David Jason on such a long-running and successful series.

“The final episodes are a dramatic conclusion to what has been one of TV’s best-loved crime dramas.”

Dates for broadcast haven’t been finalised, but the mystery ending is expected to be shown in 2010.

A Touch Of Frost has been running for 17 years.

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