‘Three Girls is such a hard watch. I had to switch off’

Some viewers said Rochdale abuse drama Three Girls shouldn't have been on TV, others believed it should be shown in schools

Viewers watching BBC1 drama Three Girls, about the Rochdale abuse scandal, have said they had to switch off because it was too disturbing while others heaped praise on the show and said it should be shown in schools.

Three Girls tells the true story of widespread grooming and sexual assault of girls and young women in Rochdale by a gang of Asian men, which was revealed in 2012.


The three-part drama stars Maxine Peake as the scandal’s whistleblower and sexual health worker Sara Rowbotham.

The first episode showed the teenage girls being beaten and raped and some viewers said they found it too hard to watch.

But other viewers said it was important the programme was seen.

Penny Sutherland was among those calling for the programme to be shown to young people.

Three Girls continues on BBC1 on Wednesday night.


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