Thunderbirds Are Go series two commissioned before series one screens

CITV have commisoned a second series of Thunderbirds Are Go before the premiere of series one.
Thunderbirds Are Go is a reinvention of the vintage children’s show, and is set to premiere on ITV and CITV in the spring of 2015 – 50 years after the original TV series, Thunderbirds, began.

Steve Green of ITV Studios Global Entertainment said: “The unique mix of CGI animation and incredible model sets gives each episode of Thunderbirds Are Go a theatrical feel rarely seen in children’s TV that has generated huge interest globally. Having 52 episodes of this quality takes our discussions to a new level.”

As in the original series, the five Tracy brothers – collectively known as International Rescue – will pilot their iconic vehicles into seemingly impossible rescue missions around the globe.

The cast is led by UK film star Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), who will play Lady Penelope, while original cast member David Graham will reprise his role of chauffeur Parker. Inventor Brains will be voiced by Kayvan Novak (Fonejacker). Tracy brothers Alan and Scott Tracy are both played by Rasmus Hardiker (Saxondale). David Menkin has been cast as both Virgil and Gordon Tracy. The fifth Tracy brother, John, will be played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Love Actually, Game of Thrones).

Thunderbirds Are Go is set to be screened on ITV and CITV in this spring.

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