Tiffany hits SHOCKING new low in EastEnders as she whacks Sonia!

Tiffany slaps Sonia in this evening's episode

Tiffany Butcher brutally slaps Sonia Fowler tonight in EastEnders as she resorts to shocking lengths after returning to Albert Square.

The desperate and increasingly erratic teen is after money to help out gang leader Evie and Sonia has promised to give her some cash.

But Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) doesn’t have the money and she’s later horrified to discover Tiffany (Maisie Smith) trying to swipe Dot’s jewellery!

EastEnders Tiffany Butcher and Sonia Fowler

Caught red-handed! Sonia is furious to discover Tiffany trying to nick Dot’s jewellery

Sonia is understandably furious with Tiffany and tensions quickly rise…

And, in brutal scenes this evening, Tiffany ends up lashing out at Sonia.

Sonia tries to stop leaving and Tiffany ends up hitting her! Sonia can't believe what's happened - how can she control Tiff?

Sonia tries to stop leaving and Tiffany ends up hitting her! Sonia can’t believe what’s happened – how can she control Tiff?

Sonia is stunned and in desperation ends up locking Tiff in a room and asks Jack for help.

But, when Sonia returns later in this evening’s EastEnders she’s shocked to find Tiff has escaped!

Bernadette reckons Tiff might be hiding out at Ted’s flat, so they rush over there… but they’re in for another shock!

Also in EastEnders tonight, Kathy wonders what Phil is up to with Midge and begins to think Phil must be in trouble when she sees him talking to Danny. Later, she confronts Phil at the Arches and is shocked by what she finds…

Meanwhile, the soap has had some good news as it’s best nominated for a Bafta in the Soap and Continuing Drama category – surprisingly Emmerdale missed out on a nomination.

EastEnders is on BBC1 tonight at 7.30pm.

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