Tina O’Brien fears skimpy Strictly tour outfits

Tina O’Brien is worried about donning skimpy costumes for the forthcoming Strictly Come Dancing tour – as she’ll be eating so much over Christmas.

The 27-year-old former Coronation Street actress, who is starring in panto as Snow White at the Manchester Opera House, can’t wait to get back to her dance training, as she is worried seasonal over-indulging is not doing her figure any good.

Tina revealed: “I’m so excited to get back into the dancing, I miss it so much – I think I’m going to be a whale.

“I’ve told Jared (Murillo) my dance partner, expect a whale because I can’t stop eating! And because obviously I’m not dancing any more I’m just going to get bigger and bigger.

“They’re going to have to let out my Snow White outfit I think, halfway through the run!”

She added: “It is a little bit of a corset. They actually had it tighter – the girl who must have worn this before me – she was tiny! And they had to let it out, which I was a little bit gutted about, but at least I can breathe now!”

Tina admitted the sparkly ballroom dancing costumes she’ll be wearing on tour are a lot more revealing than her Snow White outfit.

She said: “The Strictly costumes are really skimpy but they always make sure that you’re wearing something you feel comfortable in and it wouldn’t look right if you were completely covered up, so what they tend to do is they’ll kind of put fishnet tights on you, or dancing tights, so no I’d never feel uncomfortable.

“I’d probably wear less on a night out, so it’s no big deal!”