Pint-sized performers win over viewers on The Voice Kids

The first episode of ITV's junior talent contest The Voice Kids aired last night and won rave reviews from viewers.

A line-up of pint-sized performers has won over viewers of The Voice Kids with their vocal talents.

The first episode of the junior version of the ITV talent contest aired last night and won rave reviews from those tuning in.

Judged by, Pixie Lott and McFly’s Danny Jones, the opening show featured a 12-year-old girl influenced by James Brown and Janis Joplin, a rendition of a Disney classic from The Little Mermaid, and a tiny rapper.

@floralbeaauty tweeted: Never been fussed about @thevoiceBBC before but the new kids version is sickkkkkkk omg so much flipping talent man!

@Grisham42 wrote: I’m amazed at the talent & ability of these young “kids”. Incredibly confident too. Should have no difficult getting stage careers.

@emlardenx tweeted: The voice kids is literally the best show I’ve watched in so long !!! I can not stop smiling ! They’re all so amazing

Teon, a 10-year-old rapper who uses the stage name Little T, was a hit with his version of Skepta’s Shutdown.

@Amy_wxo tweeted: The ten year old called ‘Little T’ rapping to Shutdown by Skepta on The Voice Kids is the highlight of my week

But viewers were uncomfortable with the auditions that didn’t result in a judge turning their spinning chair to take the child into the next round.

@laurajane_89 wrote: I can’t deal with this kids The Voice how dare they not turn round for every single one of these babies

The young contestants are competing to win a Disneyland trip and a £30,000 scholarship, but unlike the adult version of the show no recording contract is up for grabs.

Earlier this week mentor admitted he initially thought the show would be cute – but the kids had surprised him with their talent and motivation.

He said: “I thought this show was just gonna be cute, being kids, but it’s seriously fierce! You’ve got this nine-year-old kid who can sing like Lionel Richie – that’s some sick talent! Also, the adults have had time to figure out how to ‘pretend’ to be a character; someone else they want to be. But the kids don’t know how to put a mask on – they’re just raw and innocent.”

The Voice Kids continues next Saturday on ITV1.

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