TV Times top picks for today

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Friday 27th April

Our Wildest Dreams, 8pm, C4

First up in this series about families building new lives in remote and inhospitable places is 52-year-old Londoner Mari. The successful businesswoman met shaman Kurikindi while on holiday in Ecuador and, after a whirlwind romance, married him. Now the couple and their five-year-old daughter are quitting life in London for a home in a remote part of the Amazon rain forest where, one imagines, property prices are somewhat lower. Cue piranha-infested rivers, much insect-eating and even a friendly tapir wandering about the house (which has no walls). For some viewers, the title of this enjoyable series might just as well have been ‘Our Worst Nightmares’… Rating: ****

The City & The City, 9pm, BBC2

Does the third city of Orciny really exist? What secrets did Mahalia learn that led to her death? And will Borlú ever discover the link between that case and the disappearance of his wife? So many burning questions! Thankfully, a compelling turn by David Morrissey and some great plot twists mean we’re gripped from start to finish. It’s looking bad for Borlú as the finale opens, but an intriguing deal from an unexpected source could change things for ever… Rating: ****

Home from Home, 9.30pm, BBC1

The Hacketts’ holiday woes only get worse as Neil’s desperate mission to hold his own alongside Robert finds both families tackling a very taxing climb up Helvellyn. While Robert swears by his high-tech GPS, Neil relies on maps and misplaced confidence to navigate the peak. But as prickly Penny rather foolishly follows Neil, they are soon stranded together… Meanwhile, when long-suffering Fiona finds her way home safely, thanks to Robert, she’s confronted by Neil’s brassy, leopard-print-clad mother Mercy (played with gusto by musical theatre star Elaine Paige), who has paid an unexpected visit and has taken a shine to fellow holidaymaker Fieldhouse (Only Fools and Horses’ Paul Barber)! Rating: ***

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