TV Times tops picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Friday 27th October

Bear’s Mission with Anthony Joshua, 9.00pm, ITV

“I just thought we were going for a walk in the countryside,” says boxer Anthony Joshua as Bear Grylls swoops in to meet him while hanging from a helicopter. The pair are at Commando Ridge in Cornwall, which is a series of granite rock faces 700ft above the crashing waves of the Celtic Sea. And did we mention Anthony is terrified of heights? Bear is determined to put the world heavyweight champion through his paces, with tricky climbs, death-defying traverses across 200ft drops and even a rotten old sheep’s leg for dinner. But Anthony knows a thing or two about over-coming fears, and tackles everything Bear throws at him like a true champ. Rating: ****

The Good Doctor, 9.00pm Sky Living

The Good Doctor

British actor Freddie Highmore turns in a superb performance as ‘autistic savant’ paediatric surgeon Shaun Murphy in this new US medical drama. In tonight’s episode, Shaun relocates to the frantic St Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose, only to find many of his colleagues resistant to his controversial hiring. Lucky for him, he’s got an ally in the hospital president and quickly sets about winning over his colleagues with his amazing surgery skills. Rating: ***

Eight Days of Rome: Hannibal’s Last Stand, 9.00pm, C5

Eight Days of Rome: Hannibal’s Last Stand

Lavish dramatisation takes historian Bettany Hughes deep into the world of the Roman Empire in a new series, which explores eight pivotal days in the history of ancient Rome, from its early defeat of Carthage to the day that Constantine was baptised as a Christian. Bettany begins in Tunisia, at the scene of the Battle of Zama in 202BC when Rome defeated Carthage, under Hannibal, demonstrating the military might on which the Empire would be built. Rating: ***

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