TV Times top picks for today

 What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Friday 6th April

The City & The City, 9pm (times vary), BBC2

David Morrissey shines playing a tortured cop as fantasy and police procedural genres collide in this thrilling four-part adaptation of China Miéville’s acclaimed 2009 novel. When the body of a foreign student is found in down-at-heel city Beszel, it looks like another day’s work for Inspector Tyador Borlú (David). But when evidence surfaces that the victim came from Ul Qoma, a neighbouring city that has a dangerous relationship with Beszel, it’s clear this case will challenge everything Borlú holds dear… With a complex plot and the real beauty of the cinematography being in the finer details, this needs to be watched without any distractions… Rating: ****

I Don’t Like Mondays, 8pm, C4

Many of us dread the moment the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning to start another week at work, so imagine if you could quit your job but still be paid your full salary for a year! That dream will become a reality for the winning contestants of Alan Carr’s fun-filled new game show and, with celebrity guests, studio games and crazy challenges, there’s something in this three-part series for the entire family to enjoy. Celebrity guest and aspiring stuntwoman Amanda Holden joins in the wacky capers during this week’s first episode, and watching her force Alan into a giant balloon before blowing it up to the point of bursting is a particular highlight. Rating: ****

Episodes, 10pm (times vary), BBC2

There are more laugh-out-loud comedy capers tonight as Matt’s cringe-inducing antics from last week involving Danika, one of the hot female contestants from his game show The Box, go viral. Not only is the TV network in meltdown but Matt’s job as host is under threat. But when he calls big boss Elliot Salad to try and defuse the situation, he gets much more than he bargained for… Meanwhile, unemployed Carol finds herself smoking pot with her cleaning lady, and Beverly and Sean try to maintain their composure during a very awkward audition with a wheelchair-using actor. Razor-sharp fun without an ounce of political correctness! Rating: *****

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