What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Monday 24th September

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Monday 24th September

Strangers, 9pm, ITV

Megan’s husbands Jonah and David, bewildered and haunted by what seem to be baffling questions – why did she have a secret hideaway and, more to the point, why did she have fake passports? – realise they need to join forces to work out what happened to her. However, teaming up doesn’t do much to thaw their frosty relationship, and accusations start being bandied around. Meanwhile, Sally is still trying to process the horrific and unexpected turn her life has taken, and reluctantly meets up with a journalist, who uncovers a shocking link to Jonah’s woes… Like the characters in this thriller, we have a feeling there’ll be a few more things to puzzle over before we get the answers we’re looking for. Rating: *****

Black Earth Rising, 9pm, BBC2

Life is becoming increasingly complicated for Kate as she searches for evidence in order to exonerate Alice. But when the plucky legal investigator receives a call telling her that she is in danger herself, more shocking secrets, sinister lies and cover-ups emerge. Meanwhile, her own past moves further into the spotlight, and ties in even more closely with her investigations. A meeting with Eve’s bitter estranged sister Sorcha (Frances Tomelty) unveils some surprising information about Kate’s adoptive mother’s difficult background. But while Michael does his best to help Kate through her personal and professional difficulties, and offers her moral support, he’s secretly dealing with his own health issues… Rating: ****

Jamie Cooks Italy, 8pm, C4

Tonight, pasta is on the menu in a big way, as Jamie stops off in Rome to track down easy recipes that the natives of Italy’s capital city cook every day – perfect for busy Brits who don’t have time for complicated recipes and endless ingredients. He learns how to knock up a minty pea tortiglioni, gets a masterclass in making gnocchi and goes all out for linguine. Rating: ****

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