TV Times top picks for today

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Saturday 28th April

The Keith & Paddy Picture Show, 9pm, ITV

It was only a matter of time before Keith and Paddy turned their attention to iconic 1990 romcom Pretty Woman. Keith digs out his best thigh-high boots to play Vivian, originally played by a 23-year-old Julia Roberts, while Paddy brushes off his best suit to play uptight lawyer Edward – Richard Gere in the original movie. As usual there are some fabulous guests, especially Amanda Holden and Tracy-Ann Oberman, who play snooty shop assistants, plus Louise Redknapp as Vivian’s friend Kit and Philip Glenister as seedy lawyer Stuckey. Unfortunately, getting permission to film in the fancy shops of Rodeo Drive was proving tricky, so the pair visit Paddy’s uncle’s butcher shop instead – natch! Rating: ****

Casualty, 8.40pm, BBC1


Casualty’s back following a break and picks up where it left off. Junior doctor Bea Kinsella regains consciousness in an alleyway with a head injury and hangover. The worst appears to be over when paramedics Iain and Sam whisk her to Holby ED. But this is where shock and shame kick in. Sean, the patient she failed to treat thoroughly, may pay for her mistakes with his life. Michelle Fox is excellent as the doc desperately masking her fragility. Rating: ****

Super Duper Alice Cooper, 9pm, Sky Arts

His career peaked while Edward Heath was still PM, yet Alice Cooper is still, at 70, selling out the big rock sheds. In between telling a familiar story – smalltown boy finds fame, does too much drink and drugs, cleans up – this fond biography explains why. It’s the personality of the man born Vincent Furnier – he is self-aware enough to realise that draping yourself in snakes and clowning around with fake blood and guillotines on stage is all a bit of a giggle, as much pantomime as ‘shock rock’. Elton John and Iggy Pop are among the voices turning up to sing the praises of this old trouper, in a documentary refreshingly free of talking heads. Rating: ***

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