TV Times top picks for today

 What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Saturday 7th April

The Voice UK: Final, 8.30pm, ITV

After singing their hearts out at the blind auditions, Battles, Knockouts and last week’s semi-final, just four singers remain to compete for the title of The Voice UK champion 2018 in tonight’s live final. Watching their every move as always will be the four coaches – Olly Murs, Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson and – who will each duet with their finalists and treat us to another special group performance on the night. And again, as in last week’s semi, it’s the viewers’ votes that count – and only they have the power to decide who is the winner. But which one of the four is going to come out on top and bag that all-important record deal? Rating: ****

Troy: Fall of a City, 9.10pm, BBC1

“A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!” OK, that’s from the wrong story, but Richard III’s cry fits perfectly well with what happens to precipitate the fall of Troy. Tired of keeping up the siege, the Greeks have seemingly left their beach camp and sailed back to Sparta. The Trojans are shocked but mighty relieved. The Greeks, however, have taken one last throw of the dice, by building a huge wooden horse to leave as an offering to the Greek sea god Poseidon, apparently full of grain and other foods. Curious, the hungry Trojans take it into their city to feast on its goodies and celebrate the end of the war. But the horse also contains a very nasty surprise, which has terrible consequences for all in Troy… Rating: ****

Below the Surface, from 9pm, BBC4

Moody cop Philip Norgaard has been acting a little oddly throughout the hostage crisis, and the truth about his connection to the kidnappers comes out as the final double bill (originally scheduled to air on 31 March) gets going. Meanwhile, Naja is in danger when she offers to help with a daring rescue attempt… Rating: ****

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