TV Times top picks for today

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Thursday 19th April

999: What’s Your Emergency?, 9pm, C4

A recent study found that a mother is the most powerful factor in determining what kind of man her son will become. But with hundreds of offences committed by sons against their mothers every year, it’s clear that this relationship often breaks down. As the sixth series of this behind-the-scenes documentary begins, Wiltshire’s emergency services are called out to incidents where blood may be thicker than water, but it doesn’t stop it being spilt. From Kendall, 15, trashing his mum Daniell’s house, to Robert’s hatred of his alcoholic mother’s boyfriend, this is a really difficult though undeniably gripping watch. Rating ****

Urban Myths, 9pm, Sky Arts

The egos and rivalries surrounding the legendary Live Aid concert in 1985 get the Urban Myths treatment this week. Jonas Armstrong is hilarious as a frazzled Bob Geldof, who faces a multitude of disasters from sound issues to diva tantrums as he tries to get all his troublesome acts on stage. While Midge Ure (a fab turn from Martin Compston) is bitter about Bob hogging the limelight, Elton John (Rufus Jones) is livid that Noel Edmonds crushed his begonias when he collected him in a helicopter, and a spaced-out Status Quo are struggling to remember whether they’ve performed yet. Only Bob’s PA Marsha (Kerry Howard) is on hand to try to keep him sane! Rating: ****

Nature’s Biggest Beasts, 8pm, BBC2

From the toweringly tall to the hefty and huge, nature is full of giant creatures – and they don’t always have an easy life! Miles Jupp narrates this one-off film that explores how animals from giraffes and whales to polar bears and Komodo dragons overcome the various challenges that come with their size. Rating: ****

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