What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Thursday 1st March

TV Times top picks tonight...

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Thursday 1st March

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, 9.00pm, ITV

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan re-enters the macabre world of American crime, and the interviewee in this week’s film could be his most disturbing subject yet. Between 1977 and 1993, Lorenzo Gilyard (pictured with Piers) went on a killing spree that claimed the lives of a dozen women, who he raped and strangled, before he disappeared without a trace. Missouri State Police feared they would never catch him, but advances in DNA profiling meant they finally caught the Kansas City Strangler in 2004. By that time Gilyard had a good job and was happily married, while hiding his terrible secret. Rating: ****

Civilisations, 9.00pm, BBC2

Simon Schama presents the first in an epic new series on the history of art

Even before the opening credits of this nine-part series begin, this first episode – entitled The Second Moment of Creation – proves just how important monuments and antiquities are to us by detailing the death of archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad, who was beheaded by ISIS for trying to save the ancient city of Palmyra from destruction. Simon Schama then takes us on an incredible journey of world civilisations through art, going back as far as cave drawings from the Ice Age and showing how they influenced modern painters like Picasso. So sit back and enjoy this armchair view of art and culture that surpasses any trip to a museum or gallery. Rating: ****

Scandal, 10.00pm, Sky Living

After a jaw-dropping cliffhanger brought the first half of this final season to a close, it’s a shame that the fate of fan favourite Quinn is dealt with so bizarrely as the story picks up again tonight. While Olivia struggles to cope, the unlucky in love Cyrus is heartbroken when the excellently named Fenton Glackland (Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris) tells him it’s over. How much can one man’s heart take? Rating: ***

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