What’s On TV Tonight? Our Pick Of The Best Shows: Thursday 23rd November

TV Times tops picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Thursday 23rd November

The Search for a Miracle Cure, 10.00pm, C4

Mark Lewis is the high-profile lawyer who famously helped 180 victims of phone hacking to victory in the High Court. But for half his life, the 50-year-old has also been battling multiple sclerosis. In this emotionally charged film, Mark allows cameras to follow him as he becomes Patient 31 in a clinical trial at Jerusalem’s Hadassah University Medical Center. Nothing happens quickly in medical science, but if a breakthrough can be made it would not only help Mark and the estimated 2.5 million MS sufferers around the world, but could also be good news for people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Rating: ****

Love, Lies & Records, 9.00pm, BBC1

Love, Lies and Records Ashley Jensen

It’s only episode two but we’re already hooked on writer Kay Mellor’s latest drama, which follows rebel registrar Kate Dickenson (Ashley Jensen) as she tries to juggle her chaotic home life with her demanding job. With stickler-for-the-rules Judy (a scene-stealing Rebecca Front) blackmailing her, Kate reluctantly decides to step back from her bid for promotion to leave the way clear for her nemesis again – however, Kate’s colleagues have other ideas. Meanwhile, things are far from rosy between Kate and her partner Rob (The Last Kingdom’s Adrian Bower) following a shock revelation, but that’s soon the least of the couple’s worries as their daughter, Lucy, starts giving them serious cause for concern… Rating: *****

Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain, 9.00pm, BBC2

More superb social history on the BBC, this time looking at the impact of the Blitz on individuals, families and neighbourhoods. Each week focuses on a different city, using painstaking research to chart the effects of a specific bomb. In this opener, we hear how an unexploded bomb in Canning Town, London, caused Judy Gregory’s Uncle Albert to be evacuated to a nearby school and Independent travel editor Simon Calder’s journalist grandfather Ritchie to be horrified by the lack of help for families. Ritchie’s pleas were not heeded, with tragic outcomes for Judy’s forebears. A must-watch for anyone who enjoyed The Secret History of Our Streets. Rating: *****

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