TV Times tops picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight three of the best shows on telly tonight for Thursday 7th December

Love, Lies and Records, 9.00pm, BBC1

At the end of last week’s episode we learned of Judy’s latest plan to land Kate (Ashley Jensen) in more hot water and now Kate has discovered it too – and unsurprisingly she’s furious! Can she halt the wheels that Judy has put in motion and destroy the USB stick containing incriminating video of her before her husband sees it? And will she confront her nemesis? (P.S. We know Judy is behaving very badly, but actress Rebecca Front is so marvellous in the role that we just can’t help but like her – sorry, Kate!) Meanwhile, the registrars prepare for a police raid on Kristina and Amir’s wedding – will things go to plan? The case takes on a sense of urgency, however, when another body is found… Rating: *****

Blitz: Bombs That Changed Britain, 9.00pm, BBC2

Blitz: Bombs That Changed Britain

For the first two years of the war, Scotland was relatively untouched by the brutal raids of the Blitz, and believed that it was beyond the range of the Luftwaffe. But that was all to change on a moonlit night in March 1941, when 200 German bombers flew to the town of Clydebank on a mission to destroy the industrial output of the city. Hundreds of bombs rained down on the shipyards and factories, as families cowered in the nearby tenements, but one missed its target and a building on Jellicoe Street was hit, killing 15 members of one family. Here, those who as children hid under kitchen tables in the homes under attack relive the horrors of that night as if it happened only yesterday.Heartbreakingly moving. Rating: *****

Ross Noble: Off Road, 8.00pm, Dave

Ross Noble - Off Road

Stand-up comedian and motorbike enthusiast Ross Noble sets himself a daunting challenge as he attempts to complete the Scottish Six Days Trial motorbike race, a staggeringly difficult off-road competition. And you can’t help but feel for the 41-year-old as, in this first episode, he comes unstuck on day one. It’s not just for motorbike fans, though, as there’s plenty of Ross’s quirky humour – including randomly producing cakes in a bid to appeal to Bake Off viewers! Rating: ***

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