What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Wednesday 13th June

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Wednesday 13th June

The Fast Fix: Diabetes, 9pm, ITV

“Type 2 diabetes is a national crisis and a massive challenge to the NHS,” says presenter Anita Rani in this two-parter aiming to prove that a revolutionary diet can reverse the condition in five overweight volunteers. Also hoping to trim their waistlines, and avoid becoming diabetic, are Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan, chef Rosemary Shrager and The Chase’s Paul Sinha. Can some home truths shock them into changing their lives? Concludes tomorrow. Rating: ***

Before Grenfell: A Hidden History

The Grenfell Tower fire killed 72 residents and shocked the nation. But it also highlighted the huge gap between rich and poor in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, home to oligarchs, billionaires and celebrities, as well as estates with some of the highest levels of child poverty in Britain. This film tells the story of the borough’s working-class community who have lived in the area for generations, dealing with disease-ridden slums, the Blitz, race riots and now the Grenfell tragedy. It hears moving accounts from some of Grenfell’s residents and reveals how the area has been divided since Victorian times, when lavish homes were first built next to one of the worst slums in London. Rating: *****

Can Science Make Me Perfect?, 9pm, BBC4

Professor Alice Roberts is on a mission to improve the human body. From back pain and dodgy knees to risky childbirth and poor eyesight, Alice looks to animals to improve on glitches in our evolutionary design. The chimpanzee, for example, has a straighter, shorter lumbar spine and an enlarged pelvis, which makes for a sturdier skeleton, a fact that impresses Alice, a sufferer of lower back pain. Other suggested borrowings include a bird’s legs, and a kangaroo-like pouch so the dangers of childbirth would be a thing of the past. The resulting hybrid is bizarre, but this is a fascinating and thought-provoking watch. Rating: ****

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