What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Wednesday 22nd August

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Wednesday 22nd August

The Lenny Henry Birthday Show, 8pm, BBC1

It’s 43 years since Sir Lenny Henry first came to fame as a fresh-faced 16-year-old on talent show New Faces. Now, to mark his 60th birthday on 29th August, Lenny is taking centre stage in a special tribute show hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald, who Lenny affectionately parodied in Tiswas as Trevor McDoughnut! As Lenny shares fond memories of the past four decades, the actor, comedian and Comic Relief co-founder takes a look back at some of his most famous creations. Plus, he’ll be having fun with new sketches that see him give his unique take on everyone from Stevie Wonder to Michael Curry, the preacher at Harry and Meghan’s wedding! Rating: ****

Real Marigold Hotel, 9pm, BBC1

It’s the final week in India for the nine celebrity OAPs. As well as cramming as much as they can into their experience, the group are feeling reflective about their trip. Syd, Susan and The Krankies spend some time in the holy city of Pushkar, while Stephanie and Susan visit a palmist and astrologer to see what the future might hold. When the group’s final day eventually arrives, Stanley organises a cricket match and the group say goodbye to India in style. Rating: ***

Orangutan Jungle School, 8pm, C4

As cheeky Valentino continues to demand his keeper’s attention by showing off, it’s decided that ‘Big Boy’ Beni needs to go on a diet. With a love of anything edible his expanding waist is risking his health, so it’s time to get this rotund orangutan in shape. Now that the tense reintroduction of mum Clara and adorable baby Clarita has gone well, the pair are able to return to island life. Vets also attempt to round up some of the older primates, but not all of them are happy about moving on. Finally, the centre gets an extraordinary new resident – the only recorded albino orangutan in the world. Named Alba, which means white in Latin, she has been rescued from captivity to live a freer and healthier life in the safety of this amazing jungle school. Rating: ***

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