What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Tuesday 26th June

TV Times top picks for tonight

What’s on telly tonight? Here the TV Times team of expert reviewers highlight the best shows on Tuesday 26th June

Bear’s Mission with Warwick Davis, 9pm, ITV

Considering the fact that he’s a self-confessed fussy eater, who likes to have access to proper toilet facilities when he travels, Warwick Davis is properly ‘out of his comfort zone’ as he joins Bear Grylls for an outward bound adventure. However, the Harry Potter actor does get stuck in, eating a fish eyeball (yuk!) and clambering up and down sheer rock faces. Then again, when you consider that he had to put up with serial grouch Karl Pilkington as his travel companion in the very funny An Idiot Abroad, maybe this was a walk in the park – well, Lake District – by comparison! Rating: ****

Ackley Bridge, 8pm, C4

Sami has got a lot to feel guilty about, cheating behind his new wife’s back with Emma, but to make amends, he decides to help get Jordan out of the clutches of drug dealer Khadim by teaching him to box. Despite his initial reluctance, Jordan soon realises that Sami is offering him a lifeline so when Khadim, Sami’s former friend, refuses to leave Jordan alone, Sami seeks the help of the elders. Be prepared for some emotional scenes as Sami risks everything to help the troubled schoolboy. Meanwhile, Nas decides it’s time to find herself a girlfriend and, with Missy’s encouragement, she goes on a date. But not everything goes to plan… Rating: ***

Our Girl, 9.10pm, BBC1

It’s not looking good for Captain James – his leg is painful and prone to infection, there’s no sign of help and he’s starting to give up hope. With Georgie and James stranded, it’s up to boss Bones to take control. While 2-section can’t stand him, they’ve got no choice but to follow his lead. Can he save the day, or are we in for another shock departure after Elvis’ death last year? Rating: ****

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