Tony kills Liam in Coronation Street revenge plot

Coronation Street‘s Tony Gordon will apparently kill Liam Connor in a fit of fury.

The businessman – played by Gray O’Brien – seeks revenge after PA Rosie Webster (Helen Flannagan) reveals to him that Liam is having an affair with Tony’s fiancee, Carla (Alison King).

Rob James-Collier, who plays Liam, has quit the soap and it was thought his murder would be a whodunnit storyline.

But a soap source told The TV Times: “It will be apparent to viewers Tony has killed Liam – this is more of a ‘howdunnit’ than a ‘whodunnit’, and we’ll be filming three different endings.”

Rosie – who has been blackmailing Carla after she snapped her kissing Liam on her mobile phone – makes the revelation to Tony this autumn when she accompanies him to an awards dinner.

The teenage temptress tries to seduce him, but he knocks her back and tells her she is sacked as his PA.

Furious, she shows him the photographs of his fiancee cheating. Tony pretends to know all about the affair, so as not to lose face in front of Rosie, but he is seething with jealousy and rage and plots his revenge.

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