No. 4 – Annie 

The original Annie has been a family favourite since its adaption from musical to film in 1984. The unlikely friendship between the quick-witted Annie and the pragmatic Mr Warbucks accompanied by the iconic solo ‘Tomorrow’ made the film an instant hit. Since 1984, there have been two re-makes of the family classic. 


 In 1999 Disney put forward a more groomed looking red-head for the titular role, but missed some of the classic songs ‘Dumb Dog’ and cut characters (Punjab the mystic is nowhere to be seen). In 2014, Will Smith decided to revive Annie for the 21st Century, setting the tale in modern New York with newly written songs by Jay-Z. Unfortunately, the charm of the original was lost in clumsy choreography and poorly dubbed singing. Most crucially Cameron Diaz struggled to replicate the comic genius of Carol Burnett’s near perfect performance as the alcoholic, self-deprecating Miss Hannigan.


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