With most re-makes the biggest argument against their existence is that they sully our memory of a more perfect original version. With Piranha, the only question we are asking is why the mediocre film was revisited at all. The 1978 version was a lack-lustre parody made in the wake of the success of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and therefore relevant at least, to its time.

 The modern attempt,
Piranha 3D
removed the comedy and attempted to have the film play out as a horror. The result was a poor storyline, poor CGI and even poorer acting. Despite this,
Piranha 3D
was followed by the sequel
Piranha 3DD
– which focused on girls in bikinis frolicking aimlessly around a water park (where incidentally stripper poles had been installed) before the Piranhas returned (yawn) and carnage ensued.


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