Top 10 Worst Film Remakes | No. 9

No. 9 – The Karate Kid 

When The Karate Kid was released in 1984, the film had kids everywhere signing up to karate classes to emulate the success of main character Daniel in dealing with his bully. It surprised viewers with the heartwarming teacher-student relationship formed between the unconventional Mr. Myagi and his young student. In typical 80s style, the underdog had to break through a number of obstacles (and some questionable child labour laws) to defeat his nemesis.

 It would be unfair to say that the re-make of The Karate Kid in 2010 was a complete failure. It certainly didn’t damage the memory of the 1984 version, and the change of setting to China meant it wasn’t a carbon copy like some films on this list. Despite this, it felt odd that the story structure remained almost identical to the original and we missed the chemistry between the original Myagi and his student.

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