Top newsreader ‘rips up’ Paris story (VIDEO)

A US television news presenter refused to lead her bulletin with the latest Paris Hilton story – then screwed up, shredded and attempted to burn the script on air.

Mika Brzezinski, co-presenter of MSNBC’s Morning Joe programme, refused to read out the story of the socialite’s release from jail ahead of items on Iraq and the White House.

A clip showing the presenter’s stand has been viewed more than 250,000 times on YouTube.

It shows Mika repeatedly refusing to read the Paris script and arguing with her co-presenters about its place as the lead item.

She told viewers: “I hate it and I don’t think it should be our lead.”

She went on: “I just don’t believe in covering that story, at least not as the lead story on the newscast, when we have a day like today.”

The TV host first screwed up the script and refused to read it.

Then, on the next bulletin, she refused to read it again, took a co-presenter’s lighter, and tried to burn the script.

Later, she refused to read the script for a third time and took it to the shredder, where she fed it into the machine.

When producers played images of Paris leaving jail, where she served her sentence for a probation violation, Mika was shown with her head in her hands as the cameras returned to the studio.

The YouTube video attracted hundreds of comments on the website.

“Mika, you’re the best!!!” wrote one viewer. Another said: “Someone should give her a medal.”

Click below to watch a clip of Mika Brzezinski losing her rag live on air

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