It’s comforting to know that even top TV chefs have their Christmas food disasters. Just ask Gary Rhodes.

The presenter of UKTV’s Local Food Hero 2007 has revealed how his decision to experiment with last year’s festive feast didn’t go down too well with his family.

“I decided last year to change Christmas day lunch completely and, as a surprise, cook slow roast belly of pork with a wild mushroom risotto,” he said.

“Half-way through eating, my two sons, Sam, 19, and George, 17, literally turned to me and said, ‘Dad – this is rubbish – we don’t want to eat it – it’s Christmas Day!’ We ended up having virtually no lunch, no pudding and snacked on cheese and ham toasties later in the day.”

Meanwhile, Oliver Rowe – the presenter of BBC’s Urban Chef has also admitted to a Christmas dinner disaster.

“I once forgot to take the giblets out of the goose while it was cooking,” he said.

“When I realised I had to pull the plastic bag out of the bird and sprayed the whole table with boiling hot, sticky giblet juice.”

The BBC’s Saturday Kitchen host James Martin, meanwhile, had more of a decoration disaster, when he decided to hang a wrapped present of biscuits for his dog Fudge on the Christmas tree.

“He must have smelt the biscuits while I was out and got so excited that he pulled down the tree and dragged it into another room, so that he could eat his biscuits in private!”