Tough twists in Shipwrecked 2009

A few grim surprises and one big shock are in store for the islanders in the new series of Channel 4’s Shipwrecked.

Not only will contestants have to forage for their own food, and cope without basics such as matches and toilet paper – they will also find out at the end that the £70,000 prize money will go to just one person.

In previous series, the island with the most inhabitants has shared the winnings – so this year’s news will cause major upset to the 18 to 26-year-olds taking part.

The other twist comes in the form of rules. While islanders might rush to greet the new arrivals, they’ll be less pleased when they find out that with each new recruit comes new island law. Any islander who flouts the laws will lose their vote at the beach party.

A show insider said: “No toilet paper, no matches, no mercy… This year’s Shipwrecked definitely gets down and dirty! And with one Shipwecker set to leave the island £70,000 richer, I think the new series promises enough intrigue, drama and excitement to blow an episode of Lost right out of the water… Almost!”

Shipwrecked begins on Channel 4 on Sunday February 1.

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