TOWIE’s Arg: ‘Marbella’s like Essex in the sun!’

The cast of TOWIE are off to the Spanish resort of Marbella for some fun in the sun, this week. We caught up with James ‘Arg’ Argent, to talk about his party plans…

Are you looking forward to going to Marbella?

“I can’t wait! Before me and Lydia [Bright, Arg’s ex] joined TOWIE we lived in Marbella, so I’m really excited about going back.”

For those who’ve never been, what’s so good about Marbella?

“Marbella’s like Essex in the sun. It’s full of really good bars, clubs and restaurants and lots of pretty girls. We’re all going to be based in Puerto Banus and we’re looking forward to going to Ocean Club and Pangea. It’s going to be amazing.”

How have you prepared for the trip?

“I’ve bought lots of new clothes, and I’ll have a couple of sunbed sessions, so I don’t get sunburnt. Unfortunately, the diet’s gone out of the window a bit since I did the London Marathon, so I haven’t been able to stick to ‘No carbs before Marbs’!”

Viewers have watched the fallout between you and Lydia on TOWIE. How are you feeling about going to Marbella as a single guy?

“I don’t like being single but if you’re going to Marbella with the boys, and everyone’s out partying every night, it’s definitely better to be unattached.”

At the end of last series, it looked like romance could be blossoming between you and Gemma…

“I’m very fond of Gemma, we’re very good friends; she’s a good fun, bubbly character. She’ll be out in Marbella for sure!”

Do you hope this is a sign of good times ahead?

“I haven’t really been myself since the break-up with Lydia. But I still love being in TOWIE and hopefully, once I get back from Marbs, I can go back to being my old, happy self!”

The Only Way is Marbs is on Wednesday June 13 at 10pm on ITV2.