New images released as the Saxons and Vikings battle it out for a brand new series of BBC2's The Last Kingdom. Starts in the spring


Following the huge success of the first series, prepare for more bloody battles and axe-wielding showdowns as the Saxons and Vikings go head to head in a brand new series of BBC2’s The Last Kingdom.

Pictures were released from the new series screening this spring. The action-packed drama, based on Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling novels, will be getting some additional cast members, including Richard Rankin and Peter McDonald who both starred in BBC3 drama, Thirteen, Thure Lindhardt  best known as Henrik from The Bridge and Millie Brady, who appeared in Legend, the 2015 film about the Kray twins starring Tom Hardy.

Uhtred (ALEXANDER DREYMON), Hild (EVA BIRTHISTLE) Photographer: Katalin Vermes

Actors from the original series, including Alexander Dreymon (Uhtred), David Dawson (King Alfred) and Emily Cox (Brida) will reprise their roles, while Uhtred of Bennanburg, the orphaned son of a Saxon nobleman raised by Vikings, continues his fight for his native land of Northumbria.

Alfred (DAVID DAWSON) Photographer: Des Willie

Uhtred (ALEXANDER DREYMON) Photographer: Des Willie

Set in the year 872, The Last Kingdom, made by Carnival Films (Downton Abbey), is filled with epic battles, heroic deeds, tales of courage and  love stories and combines real historical figures and events with fictional characters.

Watch the trailer for the new series:

Packed with battles, warlords and castles, it originally drew comparisons to Game of Thrones, but author Bernard Cornwall, who has sold more than 20 million copies of his historical novels, isn’t a GOT fan and said of the HBO series: “So many characters. So many strands. You have to have large sections where the plot is explained. This is very, very dull, so they put a lot of naked women behind it all.”

Series two of The Last Kingdom will screen on BBC2 this spring.