Trailer Park of Terror – Are zombies ever frightening?

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Trailer Park of Terror. It begins with southern trailer chick Norma (Nicole Hiltz) dolling herself up ready for the arrival of the boyfriend who’s promised to take her away from her trashy world and to a better life.

Unfortunately, though, Norma’s redneck neighbours aren’t too happy about her impending departure and an inbred-looking bunch of menacing males gang up on her and said boyfriend, resulting in loverboy getting impaled on the railings.

This opening scene is both chilling and horrific and certainly terrifying. It continues with the distraught Norma heading out onto the highway. There she meets a guy in a Stetson, and soon she’s returning to the park with the gun he gave her to shoot the lot of them before setting fire to the place.

Trailer Park of Terror, Nichole Hiltz

No, that’s not the end. It’s only the beginning. You see, decades later, a busload of churchy youths are forced off the highway, and they go to seek help at the nearby trailer park…

I’m sure you can guess what happens next. Surprise, surprise –  the former park residents are now zombies and yes, they can’t wait to set about terrorising the youngsters in the most gruesome ways conceivable. The fate of one poor lad gives a new meaning to southern fried chicken.

But is Trailer Park of Terror a serious zombie flick, or a tongue-in-cheek zomcom?

Well, there’s a wonderful scene where the older Norma is applying her slap, but using a little more make-up than when we first saw her… It’s at this point in the film that I relaxed, knowing that this was going to be a comical zomcom ride.

Trailer Park of Terror, Nichole Hiltz

Americans, mind you, will probably twig that this is going to be a fun zombie flick a little earlier. To be exact, when they spot that Stetson man (the implication is that he’s the devil) is big country music star Trace Adkins.

And talking of music, there’s loads of bluesy, rock throughout this film which really adds to the fun, especially since much of it is delivered by a rock zombie!

Enjoy this undead treat y’all.

What is your favourite zombie movie?

Mine is Shaun of the Dead. I have it on a pedestal.

Trailer Park of Terror is showing on Saturday 6th February on Zone Horror at 10.55pm. Click here to check out some interviews with the movie’s cast and crew. 

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