Elevators unnerve me and I think I know the reason why: Damien: Omen II (1978). Much of this horror sequel is largely forgotten to me now, but I vividly remember the scene in which a doctor discovers that demonic youngster Damien’s blood structure resembles that of a jackal and soon after is sliced in two by a malfunctioning elevator. It was, quite literally, a bloody mess. The scene convinced me that there was something inherently evil about elevators and it seems the producers of the forthcoming supernatural thriller, Devil, share that opinion. Here’s the trailer…

The premise is simple: five people are stuck in a lift; one of them is the Devil; stuff happens. The film is based on a story by – or, as is stated in the trailer, ‘from the mind of’ – M. Night Shyamalan, so the likelihood of it being as straightforward as the premise implies is slim.

Written by Brian Nelson (30 Days of Night) and directed by brothers Drew and John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine), Devil is the first of three supernatural films set to be produced by Shyamalan under the banner The Night Chronicles. Though whether any of them will be any good is anyone’s guess, given the wavering quality of Shyamalan’s output over the last few years. On the plus side for Shyamalan, Devil couldn’t possibly get a more savage critical mauling than that garnered by his latest directorial effort, The Last Airbender.

Devil is released on 17 September 2010.