Trailer Trash – Super 8

Director J.J. Abrams has established himself as a modern master of mystery – the notion of secrecy underpins his series Alias, Lost and Fringe and now even seems to be a hallmark of his movie marketing campaigns.

As with his 2008 ‘monster hit’, Cloverfield, the trailer for Super 8 arrives with little information, other than, in Abram’s words, “It has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield”.

What we do know is that a train carrying materials from Area 51 – the US military facility long associated with UFO and alien conspiracy theories – crashes and that in the aftermath something seemingly sizeable and equally strong tries to break free. We don’t know what that thing is. And we don’t know why the driver of a yellow pickup truck seems so set on causing the train to crash. In fact we know little about context and even less about casting.

That said, the trailer does warrant repeat viewing. Did you make out the content of the radio transmissions before the train crashed? And what exactly do we see reflected in the Super 8 camera lens at the end?

One thing is certain – with J.J. Abrams directing and Steven Spielberg producing, this is sure to be out of this world!

Super 8 is expected to be released in summer 2011. We’ll keep you posted!