Trash | Film review – Rio slum kids outwit the crooked and corrupt in Stephen Daldry’s feelgood fable

Trash 3D Blu-ray pack shot newA feelgood fable in which plucky slum kids outwit the crooked and corrupt, this colourful adventure irresistibly recalls Danny Boyle’s crowd-pleasing Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire.

In Trash the setting is a teeming Rio de Janeiro favela, where the discovery of a wallet on a trash heap leads a trio of teenage boys on a quest to solve a series of enigmatic clues. But a ruthless cop and a corrupt politician are desperate to retrieve the wallet before their misdeeds can be exposed.

Trash - Rickson Tevéz as Raphael & Gabriel Weinstein as Rato

Adapting Andy Mulliagn’s young-adult novel, screenwriter Richard Curtis and director Stephen Daldry strike a deft balance between escapism and grit. The boys’ precarious existence scratching a living on the trash heap comes across vividly, and so does the very real peril they face from the police.

But there are also thrilling chases and hairsbreadth escapes. Daldry films these with brio and gets engaging performances from his young leads, Rickson Tévez, Eduardo Luis and Gabriel Weinstein. The better-known faces of Martin Sheen and Rooney Mara pop up on the margins of the tale, offering sympathy and support as a priest and respectively.


Trash is out now on Digital Download, DVD & Blu-ray from Universal Pictures.

Certificate 15. Runtime 109 mins. Director Stephen Daldry.


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