Trick or treat | What’s on DVD this Halloween – Part I

Considering the sacks of DVD’s arriving lately, I’d gladly swap Christmas for Halloween any year. From the good to the bad to the worst, here’s my take on some of this season of fear’s latest releases…

From the gruesome gallic offering The Horde to Frank Darabont’s FX drama, The Walking Dead, starring Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies coming our way, there’s a horde of undead releases to practice your zombie walk to.

A Definitive Double Dose of George A Romero
From Arrow Video comes the 4-disc DVD edition of Dawn of the Dead, featuring three cuts, plus a stack of extras previously only available on the Blu-ray edition. Plus, Romero’s bleakest entry, Day of the Dead, is now available in an ultimate 2-disc DVD edition, with the exclusive extras previously only available on Arrow Video’s 25th Anniversary Blu-ray edition. Click here for my full review.

Being a huge fan of the original, I was wary this sequel wouldn’t deliver, but I was not disappointed. Picking up minutes after the first film, a SWAT team and a government official (watch out, he’s not what he seems) enter the quarantined building in the heart of Barcelona where a mysterious epidemic has turned the inhabitants into flesh eating zombies. But, as the team try to make sense of what has happened, three thrill-seeking teenagers have also gained access into the building, putting the operation in jeopardy.

What I loved about this sequel was the story development – the epidemic turns out to be pure distilled evil – and I loved the look of the film – very claustrophobic, with excellent use of the camcorders (and a logical reason for them being kept on, even under the most extreme circumstances).

The Blu-ray edition is exceptional-looking – you can see every speck of dust floating in the glare of the camcorders night vision. Watch this as a double bill with the original.

Armageddon of the Dead
OMG! It’s another cheapo zombie movie. I haven’t been able to see this one, but I’m expecting a horde of shambling, scruffy-dressed zombies and an unlikeable group of human survivors running around with guns. Actually, it’s probably just as lame as Army of the Dead.

Big Tits Zombie
Japanese adult stars Sora Aoi and Risa Kasumi star as bored strippers who unwittingly unleash an army of zombies in this el cheap-o action adventure that’s so bad it’s scored itself a monthly residency at London’s Prince Charles Cinema.  Checkout  this cult-in-the-making, here.

Come back tomorrow for more horror releases, including sapphic vampires and psycho killers…