Trinny and Susannah go OTT in web parody (VIDEO)

Style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine have confessed their new online spoof series gave them the freedom to act ‘over the top’.

The duo said they decided to make the ‘mockumentary’ What Trinny And Susannah Did Next because they ‘wanted to try something new’, but admitted they found the lines blurring between their everyday selves and their comic personas.

Susannah told the Guardian: “This is so different from anything we’ve ever done, or anything that’s out there.

“But it’s almost like going to another planet, and not really knowing where you are. It’s an exaggerated version of ourselves, but you still find yourself thinking, what’s real and what’s fake?

“The lines between reality and fiction are so blurred. We felt the freedom to be ourselves, but to go over the top.”

The first episode of the series, currently showing on, shows the pair as washed-up versions of themselves, desperately vying for endorsement deals while bickering with each other.

But despite their move into comedy, Trinny said fashion was still an integral part of her life.

She said: “Even my basic, basic wardrobe is still pathetically colour co-ordinated. It just is. That is just me. I would never go out in tracky bottoms and a baggy T-shirt.

“I enjoy waking up in the morning and thinking, ‘Who do I want to be today?’.”

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