The fashion duo talk friendship, Gok Wan and their new spoof documentary From Boom to Bust…

How would you describe your latest TV venture, Trinny and Susannah: From Boom to Bust?
Susannah: “It’s a spoof, fly-on-the-wall documentary, that we first put out on the internet earlier this year and now Channel 4 have turned it into a one-off programme. It follows us as we struggle to revive our flagging careers.”

Did you enjoy making the show?
Susannah: “Yes, we wanted to do something different that really pushed the boundaries. Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters gave us the idea. He said we should make a show that celebrates all the things we’ve been criticised for.”

You are seen being sacked by your manager, groping someone’s breasts, and getting drunk. Did any of that happen in real life?
Trinny: “We performed best when scenes were based on things that actually happened to us and then exaggerated. But luckily, we weren’t sacked by our manager.”

Have you ever experienced a similar career crisis?
Susannah: “We did spend a year out in the wilderness, wondering how we could reinvent ourselves on TV. It was tough and I thought I was going to have to sell my house.”
Trinny: “I think it’s a good thing in a career. In 2001 our internet company folded. Then a few months later the BBC phoned with ‘What Not To Wear’ and that started us on another path.”

Have you got a taste for acting now?
Trinny: “We’ve drawn on real-life experiences for this show. If I was told to play another person I would be really wooden. We ad-libbed all our scenes while the actors had scripts, which they improvised around.”
Susannah: “We can act very well together but take us apart and it would be car-crash TV.”

What do you think about Gok Wan?
Trinny: “Like any TV genre, you will have other incarnations of it. Our lives weren’t over when Gok Wan came along – we have careers abroad, we publish lots of books, and we have an underwear company.”

What is the biggest misconception about you?
Susannah: “People think that Trinny is cold. She’s totally warm and loving.”
Trinny: “Also that we’re mean to people. I don’t think, in 15 years, there’s one person we’ve made-over who would say that.”

What’s next?
Trinny: “Hopefully another series of this. What we don’t want to do is another makeover show, not in the UK.”
Susannah: “Been there, done that.”

Trinny and Susannah: From Boom to Bust stars Thursday, September 30 at 9pm on Channel 4.