Triple Distilled Terror: Vincent Price is Mr Halloween

Who better to make your Halloween weekend than the one-and-only Vincent Price. Get a triple dose of terror from the Master of the Macabre tonight on Sky.


Scream and Scream Again, Sky Classics, 10.40pm (Sky 308, Virgin 408)
The Oblong Box, Sky Classics, 12.20am (Sky 308, Virgin 408)
Vincent walks through his role as the brother of a disfigured maniac out for revenge after being buried alive. Christopher Lee has a cameo, in a very nasty wig, as a ruthless doctor. Witchfinder General director Michael Reeves was originally slated to take the helm, but ill health prevented him from doing so. One can only imagine what he would have brought to this gothic nightmare.

The Tomb of Ligeia, Sky Classics, 2.05am (Sky 308, Virgin 408)
Vinnie plays the morbid Verden Fell, who buries his wife in a churchyard despite the fact she’s an atheist. Months later, he falls for and marries the Lady Rowena, but as they newlyweds settle down in Fell’s gloomy Gothic abbey, the spirit of Ligeia threatens to tear them apart. On location at Castle Acre in Norfolk, Roger Corman filmed his last and best Poe/Price film. Although the story is just a wee too similar to the short Morella in Tales of Terror, the film is a magical, evocative and a creepy descent into madness. And once again, Vincent (this time as the drug addicted Fell) shows us that the course of love is a sick and sordid journey. No other film could contain necrophilia, sado-masochism, drug taking and hypnotism without sinking into the mire. A true masterpiece.