Ashley Walters stars in Thursday’s Truckers (BBC1), but unlike his character, Steven, the Top Boy star’s love life is settled.

Ashley even found a moment to get married to his long-term girlfriend in the middle of filming.

“My wife had to organise everything because I was working – that was my excuse anyway!’ explains Ashley. “I had a day off to go and get married and then I came straight back! No honeymoon! But I’ll be taking a couple of months off after this and just spend it with the kids and family and all that.”

Ashley already has five children from two previous relationships, but he foresees more new arrivals on the horizon, joking that soon he’ll have enough for his own football team.

Yet as his career accelerates in the UK, rumours are starting to circulate about him following the British actors who have made a success of themselves in America.

“Yeah I’d like to work in America,” he explains. “But I think I’d find it difficult to live there and it scares me a bit. Plus I want to establish myself in the UK first.

“There have been offers and stuff, but it’s quite scary in a way because everyone’s over there trying to do the same thing. In the UK I’m quite unique and one of the only people doing what I’m doing. Going out there and being a small fish in a big pond would be scary, but I think its something I’ll have to do at one stage.”